The BJJ Caveman’s Random Reading: September 24, 2014

While I wasn’t planning on it… it seems that ‘sleep’ has emerged as a theme in the past couple posts and what I’ve found my attention wandering to in my free moments.  Could be because I’m in the middle of a tough series of overnight shifts and am feeling tired and sleep deprived and just plain exhausted and enervated.

  1. Robb Wolf wrote a post about how important sleep is, and how he thinks it’s more important than both diet and exercise… something I agree 100% with.  The main reason he wrote the post was to highlight the TED talk by his good friend Doc Parsley.
  2. Here is the direct link to Doc Parsley’s TED Talk.  WATCH IT NOW!  It’s only 17 minutes long and well worth your time.  His analogy of a surgeon and a shot of whiskey is extremely poignant.
  3. While soliciting tips for dealing with the stresses of shift work on twitter, Karen Phelps of was kind enough to direct me to an article she wrote in Paleo Magazine  on this topic.  I’ve always enjoyed her writing so getting to read an article specifically addressing this was a treat.  Oh ya, Karen was also quoted in this NY Times article about Paleo printed just last week!
  4. RadioLab, one of my favorite podcasts, did a show on how something you order online gets to your door step.  They interviewed an investigative journalist who went undercover and worked as a ‘picker’ in one of the massive fulfillment centers spread throughout the country.  When I heard her describe her job, I thought, “Wow, that’d be nice to have a job where you get to walk all day… it’s like having exercise time built into the workday!  How convenient!  Two birds with one stone and all that.”  Then I heard her describe it more and.. well… no thank you.  Go listen for yourself, you won’t regret it!
  5. Scary article in the NY Times about how absurd medical care can cost.  Can you imagine getting a $117,000 bill from a doctor you never even met?  Definitely a reminder to take care of my body so it never needs to come to something like this.
  6. One of the most compelling Mark’s Daily Apple success stories I’ve read.  It’s your classic tale of love lost, primal eating, and love found… and oh yeah, Robin Williams makes an appearance.  This was better than some movies I’ve seen.
  7. Dr. Ronesh Sinha wrote a wonderful post describing the biochemistry and physiology behind glucose metabolism and nutrient partitioning using the analogy of traffic and parking spaces.  It’s probably one of the best things I’ve read on this subject.  If you want to read more from him, you can check out his book, The South Asian Health Solution: A Culturally Tailored Guide to Lose Fat, Increase Energy and Avoid Disease.  I haven’t actually read this, but if it’s anything like his blog post, it’d be a great addition to any health library.

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