Bulletproof Radio Podcast Q&A Notes

q-and-a-podcast-130-dave-asprey-300x300Bulletproof Radio Podcast Q&A Notes

These are some notes that I took from Dave Asprey’s most recent Q&A podcast.  You can listen to the full episode here and check out the entire transcript here.

This is by no means meant to be complete.  If you want the complete breakdown just go ahead and read through the transcript, although there are quite a few transcription errors (seems like they use either automated software or a foreign transcription service), so listening to the podcast will be more accurate.

I’m mainly writing this post for myself, taking notes on some of the things I found most relevant.

Sleep Hacks:

  • Sleep Cycle App
  • Beddit sleep tracker
    • The pro version can also track HRV
    • Not sure if this is the pro version or not
  • Bulletproof Sleep Induction Mat
  • Float tank
  • Natural Calm Magnesium
  • Red lights in the evening and red lights in the morning, 5 watts recommended strength, can get these from Amazon for around $5 (maybe they’re talking about something like this or this?)

Dave’s Hacks for Writing His Book in 6 weeks and pulling all-nighters

  • Bulletproof Coffee, also used at around 9pm after dinner
  • Nicotine in the form of patches or lozenges
  • Wrote primarily from 11pm – 5am, which was his optimal time for flow
  • L-Theanine with coffee
  • Smart drug stack
    • Aniracetam
    • Oxiracetam
    • Phenylpiracetam
  • Cerebral electrical stimulation at 57.5 Hz for 2 hrs
  • Low dose cortisol due to increased stress body was under
  • Increased carb intake since body need more carbs in times of stress
    • White rice mochi because it has resistant starch
    • Probiotics
  • Whole body vibration with feet up on wall in L-pose to increase blood flow to head
  • Lasers to the back of his head to increase blood flow
  • Unfair Advantage Supplement – New secret supplement, mitochondrial enhancer, should be released in next 1-2 months

Mochi Waffles

  • Whole pack is only 160 gm of starch
  • Can find this mochi in Wholefoods, usually in blue packet
    • I think this is what they’re talking about
  • Open packet and cut into four pieces
  • Cook in waffle maker
  • Add butter, salt, honey, and cinnamon

UPDATE – Heard back from one of the bulletproof forum moderators about this mochi.  Turns out I was a bit off.  Here is what he said, with an included picture:

Hope I can clear up the misunderstanding about mochigomi.  You can use sweet rice flower to make mochi, but Whole Foods (and other vendors) sells a package with pre-made dough.  They come in small squares and are ready to cook, or put in your waffle iron.

If you are looking in an Asian market, they are often in the cold section and labeled “rice cakes.”

Mochi waffles

Photo credit to Erin Zimmer of www.seriouseats.com

UPDATE – I had incorrectly assumed that the picture provided was one taken by the moderator himself, but when searching online for the actual brand of the mochi that was used, I came across this post, which turns out to be the original mochi waffle recipe article that the picture was from.  The article has more pictures, goes step by step through the process and provides links to their preferred brand.

Things to Add to Bulletproof Coffee

  • Grassfed butter (much less casein then cream)
  • Ghee (100% free of casein)
  • Avoid things with casein
    • Dave recommends against using raw cream, half and half, or milk, because when mixed with coffee, they bind to the beneficial catechins and polyphenols
    • Also, when adding raw cream to hot coffee… cream is cooked and is no longer raw.
    • NOTE – It’s interesting to note that this is a point of contention between Dave Asprey and John Kiefer.  According to Kiefer’s research:
      • Heavy cream is ideal because it has an intact milk fat globule membrane which allows it to mix better with coffee, has beneficial effects on digestion and brain function, and binds strongly to casein causing it to be released very slowly after ingestion
      • Butter is suboptimal because there is free floating casein which will then neutralize the beneficial effects of the catechins
  • Upgraded Collagen
    • Heat stable, so it is good to add to coffee
    • Collagen is a protein that is high in glycine and low in methionine and cysteine.  It is also free of casein
  • Upgraded Whey
    • 20% colostrum and if added to hot coffee will screw up all the beneficial bioactive proteins.
    • Whey if added to hot coffee, will denature, so it is better not to add whey to hot coffee
    • Whey should be taken cold!  Blended gently if blended at all.
    • Better just to not add whey to coffee and space them apart, letting the coffee and then the whey absorb separately.
    • If want to put them together, freeze the coffee into ice cubes, make smoothie out of this and then add the whey in.
  • Eggs can also be used as source of protein to add to coffee

Supplements for Women

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Krill Oil – helps for PMS
  • Upgraded Collagen
    • Good protein source
    • Good for skin and hair
    • Good for healthy connective tissue like scaffolding for bones
  • Serrapeptase
    • Derived from silk worms
    • Proteolytic enzyme
    • Taken on empty stomach (Dave takes before bed)
    • Helped Dave get more flexible
    • Helps for injury recover and breakdown of scar tissue

Activated Charcoal Timing and Interference with Supplement and Nutrient Absorption

  • Upgraded Activated Coconut Charcoal used to bind toxins, especially good with binding mold toxins
  • There is theoretical risk of nutritional deficiencies if taken everyday, but Dave hasn’t seen this happen.
  • Safe to take on empty stomach since will not bind to nutrients on empty stomach
  • Dave takes 2 capsules a day mid-afternoon to mid-morning and if he eats out
  • He also takes it when he flies
  • And before bed if he had a long day, is pulling an all-nighter, or has gone drinking, to help his gut be more resilient to toxins.
  • He never really gives clear answer on if this affects absorption of other supplements if taken too close together… his best answer for this is, “the science is you are a bio hacker and you have to do what works”

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