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Gymnastic Bodies with Coach Christopher Sommer

Gymnastic BodiesGymnastic Bodies with Coach Christopher Sommer

Every once in awhile you’ll come across someone that will completely reshape the way you think about things, and you’ll walk away feeling amazed and wondering why you never saw things in this light before.  I’ve felt this when I’ve encountered the works of folks like Tim Ferriss, Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, John Kiefer, Dave Asprey, and Jimmy Moore.

The most recent guy I’m adding to this list is Coach Christopher Sommer, who is a coach for the US gymnastics team, and appeared on a couple of Robb Wolf’s podcasts (Episode 213 and Episode 230).  Just check out some of the amazing stuff his athletes can do!… Read More

Carb Back-Loading Results After 14 Weeks

CBLCarb Back-Loading Results After 14 Weeks

I’ve concluded my Carb Back-Loading experiment after doing my best to stick with it for 14 weeks.  If you want to see what I wrote from weeks 1 through 11, you can find them here:


Carb Back-Loading (CBL) is John Kiefer’s variation on a targeted ketogenic diet in which a large load of carbs are only eaten after heavy resistance training (optimally in the afternoon).  This theoretically takes advantage of the body’s hormonal and metabolic response to stimulate muscle cell growth while at the same time increasing the breakdown of fat cells.  You can read more about the basics of this approach from my review of the book.… Read More

Thank You Tim Ferriss


Thank You Tim Ferriss

A few months ago I was interviewed by Carol Salva on the Fat2FitHQ podcast and recently I appeared as a guest on the Health Nuts Anonymous podcast (the episode hasn’t been released yet), and in both of those appearances I was asked to describe how I got to where I currently am.

One of the major inflection points in my life was when I first encountered the work of Tim Ferriss.  His book, The 4 Hour Body was what first exposed me to the concept of bio-hacking and the quantified self, which was the inspiration for a lot of what I’m doing now.  His emphasis on finding the minimal effective dose and the importance of finding measurable things to track in order to quantitatively document progress really resonated with the inner scientist in me (as you can see with all of my self-experiments).… Read More

Bulletproof Radio Podcast Q&A Notes

q-and-a-podcast-130-dave-asprey-300x300Bulletproof Radio Podcast Q&A Notes

These are some notes that I took from Dave Asprey’s most recent Q&A podcast.  You can listen to the full episode here and check out the entire transcript here.

This is by no means meant to be complete.  If you want the complete breakdown just go ahead and read through the transcript, although there are quite a few transcription errors (seems like they use either automated software or a foreign transcription service), so listening to the podcast will be more accurate.… Read More

Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading July 4th Discount


Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading July 4th Discount

Kiefer’s currently offering some big July 4th discounts on his books.  If I’m doing my math correctly, based on his online countdown timer, I believe these prices will only be available until Sunday, July 6th.

The Carb Nite Solution – is now being offered for $18, which is 33% off the full price.

Carb Back-Loading – is now being offered for $37, which is 50% off the full price.

When I first picked these up, I paid a total of $74 for the both of them, so this current sale is a pretty good deal, especially if you’re on the fence about trying these out.… Read More

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