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Carb Back-Loading Results After 8 Weeks

CBLCarb Back-Loading Results After 8 Weeks

Carb Back-Loading (CBL) is John Kiefer’s variation on a targeted ketogenic diet in which a large load of carbs are only eaten after heavy resistance training (optimally in the afternoon).  This theoretically takes advantage of the body’s hormonal and metabolic response to stimulate muscle cell growth while at the same time increasing the breakdown of fat cells.  You can read more about the basics of this approach from my review of the book. If you want to see my results from the first 4 weeks, you can check them out here.… Read More

More Carb Nite and Carb Back-Loading Tips

Carb Night SolutionCBLOver the past few weeks I’ve been listening to a steady stream of some of John Kiefer’s podcasts, some of which are from his own site, and some from when he appears as a guest on other folks’ podcasts.  For those that don’t know, Kiefer is the author of both The Carb Nite Solution and Carb Back-Loading, both ways of eating that I’ve been playing around with recently.

Each time interview or discussion I listen to I end up coming away with another tidbit of information that he reveals that wasn’t quite written in either of his books, so I wanted to aggregate some of these nuggets here.  I did a similar thing a few posts back covering a couple other podcasts he appeared in.  If you want to see all the other podcasts in which Kiefer has guest appeared, check them out here.… Read More

Royler Gracie Seminar


Was lucky enough to attend a Royler Gracie seminar this past weekend and had the pleasure of seeing one of my instructors, Darren Branch of Gracie Humaita Cleveland, receive his blackbelt.  He did get a little bit emotional, but it was completely understandable since I know how hard he’s worked and how much of his life he has dedicated to BJJ.  It was a long time coming and I’m proud to have been there to see him get promoted.

Obtaining a blackbelt is a process that takes 8-10 years of regular training so it would be hard not to succumb to emotion at such an event!… Read More

A Day in the Life of My Ketones – Part 2

A Day in the Life of My Ketones - Part 2

Part 2 of my day in the life experiments (here is part 1).  This was a much shorter experiment, and looking back I think I was mainly interested in seeing how a bulletproof coffee (upgraded coffee + grassfed butter + Upgraded MCT oil) would effect my ketones.  At least in this case, it looks like it will raise them by 0.1 – 0.2 mmol in the 1-2 hrs immediately after ingestion.

Can I exclude normal ketone variation from this?  Nope, but I imagine the more I test it, preferably at various times of days, the more the answer will become clear…  but at this point I’m not sure this is something worth testing.  I was just curious and at this point… my curiosity is satisfied.… Read More

A Day in the Life of My Ketones – Part 1

A day in the life 1

When I first received my ketonix acetone breathalyzer, one of the experiments I tried to run was to see how it changed along with my ketones over the course of a typical day.  I decided to document everything I did along with the specific times, so that when I tested my ketones, it would give me a clearer picture of how certain actions affected my ketones.

I was hoping that the ketonix acetone breathalyzer would be able to give me the same level of moment by moment detail that blood ketone testing would give me, but alas, as we saw in my final review, it didn’t.  Even here, we get a sense of the lack of correlation with blood ketones since the ketonix registered as ‘high’ for such a wide range of values.… Read More

Vitamin D: The Natural Way

Natural Vitamin D

Finally had a chance to make it to the beach to get some Vitamin D the natural way….  Hopefully this will help me get my levels up!  I did my best to not wear sunblock in order to maximize sun exposure… however I did keep my cap on the entire time since I have a tendency to burn on my nose.

Always a good time when you can spend a day at the beach to do some leisure reading.  Unfortunately I couldn’t go in for a swim because there was a swim advisory… may have had to due with bacterial overgrowth or something since there was a recent rain.… Read More

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