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Post Office At The End of The World

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 1.45.26 AM

The BJJ Cavewife and I visited the Post Office at ‘The End of The World,’ in the Tierra Del Fuego National park in Argentina.  It’s literally the southernmost post office on the entire planet.

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Empanada Making Competition in Buenos Aires


While in Buenos Aires we took a cooking class that had an empanada making competition.  This was the rose- empanada that the BJJ Cavewife submitted which she eventually won first prize for!  She amazingly was able to make this out of gluten free dough which is much harder to shape compared to normal gluten-dough.


This shark-anada eating some beef was my entry… for which I didn’t win anything.  I used conventional gluten-y flour… but stole some of the BJJ Cavewife’s gluten free flour for the side fin (you can tell because it’s a little whiter than the rest of the shark-anada.… Read More

Resistant Starch and Cholesterol

Airport paintingCurrently at the airport listening to Kiefer’s new podcast called Body IO FM where is first guest is Robb Wolf.  One of the first thing Robb brings up is the topic of resistant starches.  It’s something that he’s been experimenting with lately and he revealed that like me, he also has a sky high LDL-P while eating low carb and going in and out of ketosis.  After doing the resistant starch thing he said that his LDL-P ‘plummeted.’

Much of the resistant starch information has been championed by Richard Nikoley on Free The Animal, but I first got interested when I heard about it from Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, and Chris Kresser, all within the span of 1-2 months.… Read More

VO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate on a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

Vo2 MaxVO2 Max and Resting Metabolic Rate on a Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

In my never ending quest to learn more about my body (with n=1 experiments, blood tests, and a Dexa Scan) I came across the idea of metabolic testing as another way to provide insight into what my physiology is doing.

Luckily I live near the Cleveland Clinic where they offer metabolic testing for very reasonable prices.  They charge $75 for the resting metabolic rate test and $125 for the VO2 Max test.

They were able to squeeze me in on November 18th, which as you can see fell 9 days after my prior carb up day, in the midst of my 10 week Carb Nite cyclic ketogenic diet experiment.… Read More

Box Jumps and Achilles – Not Aging Gracefully

Box-JumpGiven my recent finger fracture, I’ve been trying to stay active by doing some weightlifting and Crossfitting with an emphasis on activities that don’t require too much use of my fingers.

Well, in my most recent workout the WOD included a series of 20 box jumps for time.  I felt great at the time… even though the workout killed me, but the day after I felt some soreness in my right achilles.

Ever since what happened to Kobe Bryant… the NBAs must durable athlete, I’ve been hyper-aware of achilles issues.… Read More

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet and Cholesterol

Carb Night Cholesterol

Cyclic Ketogenic Diet and Cholesterol

Brief Summary:

Recently I completed a 10 week experiment doing a variation of a cyclic ketogenic diet called the Carb Nite Solution, which basically entails eating strict low carb (less than 30 gm per day) with one 6-8 hr window of massive carb loading per week.  At the end of this experiment, before going on a trip to Italy, I had a series of fasting labs drawn.

So far we’ve looked at my:

It’s time to go into my cholesterol numbers.… Read More

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