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Book Review – ‘The Primal Blueprint’ – By Mark Sisson

Primal Blueprint 1The Primal Blueprint: Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy

I’m not even sure where to begin in my review of this book except by saying two things:

This is the best health book I’ve ever read


I wish I had read this sooner

I’m a frequent visitor of Mark Sisson’s site, Mark’s Daily Apple.  In fact I’ve read every post starting from December 2012 when I first discovered his site, around the same time I started my own blog.… Read More

The Effect of a Ketogenic Diet on Cholesterol Part 5

Cholesterol 4b

As you know, the past couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind. During this time I wasn’t trying too hard to eat low carb… unlike the militant way I was counting carbs during my initial n=1 experiment.  I know there were a some weeks when I was definitely eating very low carb and spent at least a few of those days in ketosis (I hadn’t been testing my blood ketones these past few months), and there were other days when my carb intake increased due to social situations as well as my desire to avoid the keto-rash: prurigo pigmentosa.Read More

Groceries Across The Globe


Here is a post that shows pictures of what a weeks worth of groceries looks like for families across the globe.

It’s amazing to note the amount of processed foods the families from the most developed countries eat compared to those that are less developed.  You can just see this in terms of how many boxed, canned, and bottled items there are.

Look at how much pizza and soda the American family has!

I also couldn’t help but notice the beer in the German family.… Read More

New Way to Turn Off Hunger

Scientists have figured out a way to turn off the hunger center in mice by selectively shining lights into their brains.

Pretty fascinating stuff.

 … Read More

Book Review – ‘The Paleo Solution’ – Robb Wolf

Paleo SolutionThe Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet

I’ve been listening to Robb Wolf’s podcast as a regular part of my podcast rotation for a while now and really enjoy what he has to say.  He is extremely knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to call someone an idiot or drop an ‘f-bomb’ here and there.

I figured, since his book was one of the seminal books in the whole paleo movement, it was somethingI should check out.  I’ve heard people mention that at the time it was published there were only 2 or 3 books TOTAL available on amazon on the subject of a paleo diet including this one.… Read More

Why Doritos Are So Tasty

Here’s an interesting piece from the New York Times describing the science behind how they made nacho cheese Doritos chips so addictive!

I also like how they describe the whole concept of ‘vanishing caloric density,’ which is when “fat-laden snacks melt in the mouth, the brain thinks that the calories have disappeared… This tends to delay the feeling of fullness.”

When you look at what you’re up against when you read this, it really brings to light how impossible it is to resist these suckers!… Read More

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