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Why its important to go outside!

Great video illustrating the importance of going outside!

Something I need to remember since I’m quite the desk jockey…


I’ve been having trouble embedding the correct video and haven’t quite figured out how to do it, so the video listed is automatically the most recent ASAP Science video released.

If you want to find the Vitamin D episode, click on their playlist.

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Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

Ketogenic Diet and CancerI was flipping through a medical journal just skimming things when this article popped up:  Ketogenic Diet Aids Cancer Patient’s Sensitivity to Radiation, Chemotherapy.

Folks at Iowa University are looking into the effect of a ketogenic diet on patients with pancreatic cancer or lung cancer to see if it improves outcomes after radiation and chemotherapy.

They discuss the idea that cancer cells prefer to run on glucose as fuel and in the setting of a ketogenic diet, when they are deprived of glucose, they become weakened and more susceptible to therapy.… Read More

Links I Wanted to Share

Despite my not posting very much lately, I’m still reading as much as I can to stay on top of things.  Here are links to a few articles that caught my attention.

This is a very powerful and poignant open apology from a women’s health coach who worked for a diet/weight loss company.  As we know calories are only a small part of the whole picture and it’s good to see that others are starting to come around too.

Jimmy Moore had a recent post about one of his readers who had improved cholesterol numbers (Total Cholesterol 230 -> 187 and LDL-C 113 -> 72) after she went low carb high fat.… Read More

Prurigo Pigmentosa – Thoughts on Pathogenesis

IdeaReader John was kind of enough to post this comment:

I also developed this skin rash after going into ketosis. After a couple of misdiagnoses I now even have a histopathology report that would support the diagnosis of prurigo pigmentosa (though no dermatologist I spoke with was aware of the association with ketosis). I did not look into the diagnosis until now, because it went away with sun exposure quite rapidly leaving behind hyperpigmented areas that are slowly fading away. I also had a low 25(OH)D level (Vitamin D) at that time.

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