Something I really needed to read

Just had to share this post written by Amy Kubal on Robb Wolf’s site.

I been chasing goals for so long that it was good to read something like this just to snap my self out of things.  Here is a small sample of some things I’ve been chasing and unable to attain, and some things that I actually achieved:

Arbitrary things I’ve been striving for:

  • If only I could get my ketones consistently above 1.5 mmol
  • If only I could lose the last 10 pounds

Goals that I’ve attained that I thought would make me happy.. that didn’t really.

  • BJJ Blue Belt – Was happy at first.  Now having it is not enough.  I want to be good enough to not get my ass kicked by other blue belts and to at least give some purple belts a bit of a challenge.
  • Pull ups – I can now a couple pull ups without assistance.  First time in my life I’ve been able to achieve this.  Still not happy.  I want to be able to do 10… and then get my ass up a rope for a full rope climb

I guess the trick in life is finding a way to maintain the balance of setting goals while simultaneously not getting so wrapped up in them that you’re constantly unhappy… or constantly feel you’re not achieving things (which I am definitely guilty of).  If anyone has figured out an easy way to do this, I’d love to hear it!

One Response to Something I really needed to read

  1. Upgrayedd says:

    It’s convenient to believe that happiness is a destination. This somehow makes it appear more tangible. And when you believe it’s tangible, you’ll work ever harder to grasp it. This truly is the dangling carrot.

    Forget about the carrot and forget about the destination. Just breathe and be thankful for that alone.

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