Guard Pass Touchups

GuardContinuing my work on guard passes.  Some brief nuggets:

  • When using the standard closed guard pass, after I open the legs and my knee is up inside, before I go for the double pass option, I need to sit on my butt down on my heel.  This kills the space people always use to De La Riva me.  Then I can proceed with my pass.
  • If I’m in his closed guard, and my arm is being threatened by an omoplata, I need to move my knee in close to his hip so that he can’t open his hip out to attack me.  Great way to neutralize the attack.
  • Touching up my butterfly pass, after I trap his ankle with my knee, I need to remember to open my other knee out before I initiate the step through for the pass.
  • Once I pass his guard, I need to remember to use my hand to block hips so he doesn’t re-establish his guard.  His hip needs to always be blocked, either with my hand OR with my knee.  If I use my knee, my hips need to be slightly opened to his feet to kill the extra space.

We also worked on a Stack Pass entry against an open guard.

  • As I prepare to engage, I need to constantly remember to fight grips.
  • With 1 knee up and 1 knee down, push against their shoulders, and when they react, use both hands to grab both their heels, lifting them up and making them supine.
  • Explode forward (as with a double leg take down) and with my left hand grab their left lapel, and my right hand grab the back of their waist line, with both my feet sprawled and pushing forward.
  • Keep my left elbow in tight against my body to control their hips, my face right above their face, walk to the side maintaining the stack, until I’m perpendicular and they let me pass.
  • If they respond to my lifting their heels by making their legs heavy, I can still jump forward into the butterfly guard while they’re supine, and then work on the butterfly pass.

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  1. mike says:

    April fools joke????

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