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Dwight Howard Has Cut Out All Sugar In His Diet…

Dwight Howardand now the Lakers have won 8 of their last 10 since the All Star Break and are in the 8th play off spot in the Western Conference… and all this happened after Dwight mentally recommitted himself to playing better and a big part of this had to do with:

cutting sugar completely out of his diet so he could get into the kind of shape he needed to be in to be the Lakers’ defensive anchor and run coach Mike D’Antoni’s pick-and-roll sets

Coincidence?… Read More

The Effect of a Ketogenic Diet on Cholesterol Part 1

Cholesterol PubmedBefore I go into what my lipid results were, I thought it would be a interesting to do a literature search to find what data there is in the academic literature looking into the effect of a ketogenic diet on cholesterol.

This is a pretty comprehensive list going back 15 years to 1998.  I limited it to papers that either provided enough information in their abstracts and those that I could actually access the entire paper for free.   I didn’t want to actually shell out money for papers that required payment since they typically cost around $30 per article!… Read More

Mixed Data About Barefoot Running

The NY Times reports on a study showing more injuries in people who run barefoot compared to those with shoes…

When Born to Run first came out, I went out immediately to pick up some Vibram Fivefingers because I was so excited to embrace my body’s natural state.  My first run was 3 miles.  My second run was 3 miles.  My third run was nonexistent because I had strained my calf.  Turns out I didn’t read the instructions for a proper adjustment period and subsequently injured myself.… Read More

The Effects of Nutritional Ketosis on HbA1c Part 2

HbA1c part 2In part 1, I tried to find a reasonable explanation as to why my HbA1c remained elevated at 5.7% before and after 72 days of nutritional ketosis where I remained in ketosis (documented with blood ketone tests) almost the entire time, and to top it off I had low fasting AM blood sugars (avg of 83 mg/dl).

The most plausible explanation I came across was:

Low Carb -> Lower Blood Glucose -> Longer RBC lifespan -> Higher HbA1c

Even though this explanation made the most sense, at least in my situation, I still wasn’t satisfied and had to prove it to myself.… Read More

The Effects of Nutritional Ketosis on HbA1c Part 1

Blood glucoseOne of the reasons I decided to switch from the Slow Carb Diet that I followed since the beginning of 2011 to nutritional ketosis was because I had a blood test that showed my HbA1c level to be 5.7% which placed me at an “increased risk for diabetes.”

  • < 5.7% is normal
  • 5.7% to 6.4% means you have a higher risk of diabetes
  • > 6.4% means you HAVE diabetes

I was surprised by having such a high HbA1c, especially since the main idea behind the Slow Carb Diet was to maintain glycemic control to decrease the amount of insulin fluctuations with the exception of one cheat day.… Read More

What Happens When I Try To Cut My Protein Intake Out of Ketone Envy?

Day 56aDespite making good progress and seeing new lows in weight and body circumference I still had some ketone envy seeing how other consistently have ketones greater than 2.0 mmol/L and even upwards of 3.0 or 4.0 mmol/L!  I’m not sure how accurate or inaccurate this is, but in my mind I equate a greater ketone number to more fat burning.

I’ve been following the blog of Dr. Georgia Ede who has been doing her own n=1 experiment with nutritional ketosis.  One of the things she observed is that when her protein intake was around 75-80 gm/day her blood ketones consistently stayed around 1.0-1.4 mmol/L.… Read More

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