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Nutritional Ketosis and Testosterone

Man and his shadow #1One of my favorite blogs to follow is Mark’s Daily Apple, and when I came across this post, one of the letters really caught my attention.  One of his reader’s was wondering about his “gynoid” pattern of fat deposition.  A gynoid pattern is when there is increased fat in the hips, buttocks, and thighs as compared to an “android” pattern where the fat is increased in the chest and belly.  Here is part of Mark Sisson’s response:

“…For you, a male with a more “feminine” pattern of fat deposition, I would suspect low testosterone levels.

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Can you trust “fat free” and “sugar free” labels?

Things like this in which a bakery was found to have sugar and fat in it’s ‘sugar free’ and ‘fat free’ products make me more and more suspicious, especially with my own experience.  I’ve pretty much avoided anything that says ‘sugar free’ except for the occasional cough drop since many ‘sugar free’ things I’ve eaten in the past have inexplicably caused a rise in my blood sugar…  and what happened with the bakery may be the reason why.

I ignore anything that says ‘fat free’ because being on a ketotic diet means that I’m trying to INCREASE the amount of fat (healthy fats that is) that I consume.… Read More

Closed Guard Pass


Continuing on with the guard passing that I’ve been working on…

Closed Guard Pass

  1. Maintain my posture by keeping head up, flexing my butt and hips to resist him breaking me down with his hips and legs.
  2. Right hand rolls up partner’s lapels and grabs it (makes it harder for him to open up his gi to break my grip).   Maintain tension on the lapels so that he feels me pulling him down, controlling his body with my grip (kill all slack).
  3. Left hand grab his gi pants along the outside of his right hip, with my elbow outside of this right knee, this will help protect from triangles.
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90 Days of Nutritional Ketosis

Weight 90 Days

After 90 days of nutritional ketosis, I managed to reach a new low in weight, only to see it bounce back up.  I’m now only 1.6 lbs down from my starting weight of 180.0 lbs.  Seeing a graph like this really shows how variable daily weights can be!

Ketones 90 days

In the past 30 days, I spent 21 days over the minimal cut off of 0.5 mmol which I’m happy with.  This is a little worse compared to days 31-60 where I was in ketosis for 25 days.… Read More

The Effect of a Ketogenic Diet on Cholesterol Part 2

Cholesterol 1

Here are my cholesterol tests from the past couple of years along with my most recent results.  My initial results from 2010 when I was following the standard american diet actually look remarkably ideal, despite the diet, however I was running almost 3 miles a day during this period AND I was carrying around more weight and a greater body fat percentage.  So while my blood work looked ideal, my outside appearance didn’t really reflect it… and I was exhausted from all the running I was doing.… Read More

Butterfly Pass

ButterlyHeading to NYC again in a couple days and of course I’m going to make it a point to stop in and see my man-crush, Marcelo Garcia (you can read about my prior experiences here and here), to get some training in.

I remembered getting the floor wiped with me by people using a lot of open guard and butterfly guard.  I decided to review some passes of the butterfly guard (with the help of Gracie Humaita Cleveland) so that hopefully I won’t get my ass kicked as badly this time.… Read More

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