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Why I Decided To Try Nutritional Ketosis

PerformanceI’ve always been on the heavier side and struggling with my weight was the norm for me.  While I wouldn’t have called myself morbidly obese or anything, I would say that I was doughy with a good amount of ‘spare tire’ and ‘love handles’ with an estimated body fat percentage of around 30%.  I am 5’9″ and at my heaviest weighed around 215 lbs.  I managed to lower my weight to around 200 lbs using a lot of caloric restriction which left me hungry and unsatisfied most of the time.… Read More

Can you believe the calorie counts on those labels?

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 10.49.19 PMGreat opinion article from the New York Times on the inaccuracy of the calorie counts on nutrition labels.  The author took 5 items and compared calorie count listed on the labels with the true calorie count from an actual calorimetry measurement.  Turns out it can range anywhere from being spot on (Subway sandwich) to almost double the amount listed (tofu sandwich).  Of course there will always be some degree of variation when foods are made and no label can be exact, the fact that they almost all underestimate the total amount is a little deceiving.… Read More

Georges St. Pierre’s Diet

For those that don’t know, George’s St. Pierre (GSP) is one of the most dominant MMA fighters of all time.  I recently came across a great post by Tim Ferriss where he spoke with the guys responsible for Georges St Pierre’s (GSP) nutrition.  This section definitely caught my attention:

What guidelines should someone use if trying to replicate the above?

“When determining a client’s macronutrient split, at Precision Nutrition we use body-type specific guidelines. In essence, we plan someone’s nutrition according to their somatotype, as follows:

Ectomorphs — around 25% p (protein), 55%c (carbs), 20%f (fat)

Mesomorphs — around 30%p, 40%c, 30%f

Endomorphs — around 35%p, 25%c, 40%f”


Ectomorph – Thin build, challenging to put on weight (muscle or fat); Example: long-distance runner.

Read More

Out of Gas

Rio ProAttended a group class at Rio Pro today and during the live training was completely gassed!  During my matches, I would do well and slowly advance my positioning and eventually catch someone in a submission, but then be completely gassed afterwards.  My legs were just tired, and after we fist bumped to restart, I found myself unable to resist their attacks.  When stuck in bottom of side control I just didn’t have it in me to bump up to create space and recover guard.  I was just out of gas and my legs wouldn’t do what I wanted them to.… Read More

Day 60 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 60aWeight: 179.2
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 85
Hours of Sleep: 6:29
Energy Level: Fair
Physical Activity: BJJ
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 3

Still can’t crack the 1.0 mmol mark despite not drinking any Vitamin Water yesterday… so I guess I can assume that the stevia isn’t the cause of what is holding me back.  At least I’m still keeping the streak alive.

Did my body circumference measurements today:

Abdominal Circumference (in):                34.5 -> 34.1 -> 33.9
Hip Circumference (in) :                           38.5 -> 38.1 -> 38.1
Right Mid Thigh Circumference (in):       21.5 -> 21.6 -> 21.9
Left Mid Thigh Circumference (in):         22.0 -> 21.9 -> 22.0

Good to see my abdominal circumference continue to come down.… Read More

Day 59 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 59aWeight: 179.6
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 85
Hours of Sleep: 6:59
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Crossfit
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 2

Day 59b

Lots of poly-syllabic words!

Still off in my predictions…BUT at least I’m still in ketosis.  Let’s see how long I can keep this streak alive!  Despite recording everything I eat meticulously, I’ve been lazy in recording what I drink.  It typically doesn’t vary much, but includes 1 cup of coffee, a few cups of green tea, and some water.  Recently I’ve been drinking 1-2 bottles of Vitamin Water Zero, just for a change in flavor… and I can’t help but wonder if there’s an ingredient in there that is screwing up my ketones.… Read More

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