Day 59 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 59aWeight: 179.6
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 85
Hours of Sleep: 6:59
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Crossfit
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 2

Day 59b

Lots of poly-syllabic words!

Still off in my predictions…BUT at least I’m still in ketosis.  Let’s see how long I can keep this streak alive!  Despite recording everything I eat meticulously, I’ve been lazy in recording what I drink.  It typically doesn’t vary much, but includes 1 cup of coffee, a few cups of green tea, and some water.  Recently I’ve been drinking 1-2 bottles of Vitamin Water Zero, just for a change in flavor… and I can’t help but wonder if there’s an ingredient in there that is screwing up my ketones.  Looking at the ingredient list is pretty daunting.

I didn’t drink any of the stuff today and my macros were pretty good, so we’ll see if this leads to a change in my measurement tomorrow morning.  Here are my macros:

Day 59c

As good as I can ask for…

I’m happy with my break down today.  I even skipped lunch without any signs of hunger pangs.  Let’s see how far this takes me.

Jimmy Moore had a recent post documenting his most recent nutritional ketosis results from days 241-270 and he gave me a shout out (thanks Jimmy).  It was interesting for me to see that his ketones were all consistently under 1.0 mmol, which is a change for him since in prior months he had consistently measured above 2.0 and sometimes 3.0 mmol.  Up till now he’s lost over 66 lbs in a 9 month period so it got me thinking about a possible explanation and I wrote about it in his comments section:

“Regarding your AM ketones, I’m surprised to see that they are so low! What is your body fat% now? I’m at around 20% and am noticing that no matter how hard I try, I can’t keep my ketones consistently above 1.0 mmol (even though in your recent conversation with Ben Greenfield, he said over 1.0 mmol is optimal for performance). I’ve been tracking my diet rigorously (I post the macro break down every day) and no matter how low carb I go and how high fat, my ketones stay under 1.0 mmol most of the time.

I wonder if after a certain body fat%, your ketones just stay low… if this is the case.. then I don’t have to continue being so befuddled as to why my numbers are so low when other out there such as yourself a few months ago could consistently get higher than 2.0 mmol.”

Had my third straight day of my Crossfit introductory course, and we went over deadlifts (turns out I’ve been doing them wrong my entire life), sumo-dead-lift-high-pulls, medball cleans, and wall balls.  I think going three straight days was a big much for me since my entire body is now in pain.  On my way walking out of the class my legs actually buckled under me as I was coming down the stairs.  I’m liking Crossfit so far… and think it’ll be a great adjunct to my BJJ.

Hopefully my ketones will get to at least 1.0 mmol tomorrow… C’MON KETONES!!

2 Responses to Day 59 – Nutritional Ketosis

  1. jj says:

    I know you said in the day 60 post that you don’t think this was affecting you, but look a lot closer at that label, and I think the vitamin water could be getting you in trouble. Each bottle is 2.5 servings and each serving 1 carbohydrate. So if you’re drinking 2 bottles a day that’s 5 carbs that you haven’t been counting. And it doesn’t just contain stevia, but erythritol as well. You might want to try cutting it out for a week and see if you get better readings. If normal water is getting you down, maybe try sparkling water?

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      Good call. The vitamin water thing has been a recent development for me… I just needed something with a different flavor that what I’ve normally been drinking (fat hot cocoas, green tea, black coffee, water, almond milk). Will definitely cut back on it.

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