Day 58 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 58Weight: 178.4
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 89
Hours of Sleep: 6:40
Energy Level: Fair
Physical Activity: Crossfit
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 1

Back into the zone!  I’ve been staying up later than I’d normally like to which is impacting my sleep this whole week…. coupled with the workout I had at Crossfit this morning, left me feeling pretty beat all day.

Looking back at my food log, I realized that I’ve been so focused on eating more fats that I kind of forgot all about eating vegetables, so I made a conscious effort to eat more today.  In fact all of my carbs today came from veggies!  I’m jumping on the “eat a crap ton of vegetable” bandwagon that I read about here.

Ketones are lower than I expected, especially since previously when I engaged in such intense activity my Day 58cketones the following day were almost always more than 1.0 mmol.  These past few days I’ve been eating a lot of homemade bone broth, so I wonder if there’s something there that’s been affecting me.

In today’s crossfit session we started with a warmup including spiderman’s, inchworms, arm circles, and hip circles.  I really hate inchworms!  My shoulders kept getting super fatigued just supporting my weight.  During the weight portion we went over shoulder presses, push presses, and push jerks.  A lot of compound movements that I’ve never done before, so it felt pretty new and I had to see it a couple times and try it a few times before sort of getting it.

Day 58b

Pretty good!

Macros were great today, all carbs came from veggies.  I felt pretty satiated all day and I’m going to try to keep this break down at least for the rest of the week.

Good diet + Good workout should = higher ketones.  Forecast: 1.0 mmol tomorrow.

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