Day 57 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 57aWeight: 177.6
AM Ketones: 0.4
AM Blood Glucose: 83
Hours of Sleep: 6:26
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: Crossfit and IFAST
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 0

Not quite sure what happened to my ketones.  My glucose was in the low 80s and that usually coincides with a pretty good ketone level, but today it wasn’t the case.  Can’t really offer any explanation except for the fact that the ketone number can be a fickle son-of-a-gun.  Killed my 2 day streak of being in nutritional ketosis.Day 57b

Had an excellent workout today at Crossfit.  It was my first intro/training class and we went over how to do some warmups including spiderman’s, inchworms, lunges with dislocates, and forward jump burpees.  As I was doing the inchworms I noticed that my arms and shoulders started to get really fatigued and I had to keep taking breaks.  It was a little embarrassing to have to take breaks during the ‘warm up’ but oh well.  No shame no blame!  I started wondering about whether I hit a wall or something in terms of performance by only relying on ketones…. an issues Robb Wolf has been talking about recently.

Then we moved on to reviewing air squats, front squats, overhead squats, and back squats.  I have a lot of trouble with the front squats because my shoulder are pretty tight, and I have a hard time getting the bar to rest on the front of my shoulder girdle, placing a lot of strain on my wrists.  I guess this is something I’ll have to work on.  The coach suggested I get some wrist supports, so I’ll have to check those out.

For the final bit we alternated back squats with box jumps.  Needless to say, for someone who hasn’t done lifting in a while, my legs were pretty wobbling.  I’d almost forgotten how good it feels to lift heavy things and throw weights around… but it still isn’t as good as catching an armbar or sinking a choke in and feeling someone tap out!

Day 57c

Lots and lots of protein! about 1.4x my lean body weight.

Macros today showed a lot of protein.  I tried to eat more because of the weightlifting.  Wanted to give my muscles ample building blocks with which to repair itself because I have another Crossfit session tomorrow.

Finished the night with a nice low intensity IFAST workout (don’t worry, I’ll dedicate a post to this stuff soon).

I feel pretty confident that because of my low carbs and increased activity, my ketones will go up tomorrow. Forecast: 1.0 mmol!  They damn well better go higher!

6 Responses to Day 57 – Nutritional Ketosis

  1. Dan says:

    Perhaps the ketones are less important ( and harder to pull off ) once your body gets down to a nice lean body mass ? Low body fat, blood sugar levels good, etc. Are you happy with the way that you look and feel?

    I have tons of questions for you!

    Love the blog

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      Well, I’m certainly not lean… I estimate myself to still be in the 18-22% body fat range. I’m still trying to figure out if the ketones are important or not. But from podcasts that I’ve listened to and what I’ve seen of other peoples’ experiences ideally the higher the ketones are equals to the lower your insulin exposure.

      I’m happy with my blood sugars. I’m happy with how I feel… I do get a bit fatigued, but I still think this has more to do with how much I sleep rather than my ketone levels.

      Regarding how I look, my goal is still to get into the 12-15% body fat range.. with an ideal body weight somewhere between 160-170lbs.. so I still have a few pounds of bodyfat to lose.

      I’d be glad to answer any more questions!

  2. jj says:

    Wow, those ketones really are fickle aren’t they?

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      It certainly is fickle…. just when I think I have an understanding as to what will happen next, it throws me a curveball!

  3. gibson says:

    Just found your site and haven’t read much yet, but I caught your comment about the ketone/blood glucose relationship. As a T2 diabetic I have learned there can be considerable variation in the glucometer strips “acceptable” accuracy range. Maybe there’s a similar range when measuring ketones? Very frustrating for me, and now I chalk mysteries up to sloppy strips.

    • BJJ Caveman says:

      That’s a good thought! One my new shipment of strips comes in, I’ll try a test where I use 2 strips at the same time to verify consistency.

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