Day 42 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 42aWeight: 180.4
AM Ketones: 1.4
AM Blood Glucose: 76
Hours of Sleep: 5:29
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: Surfing 2 hours

16th straight day of nutritional ketosis.  I was a little too generous with my guestimate yesterday, but at least it’s over 1.0 mmol! It seems like the only consistent way of getting it at that level is with intense exercise.

Did pretty well with regard to my diet.  Those fries you see were given to my friends!  I also ate a few slices of spam seen in the top left corner.  Paleo?  No.  Delicious?  Hell yeah!  I also had a bit of Hawaiian Shaved Ice which is basically ice with flavored sugar syrup because well.. when in Rome…

Day 42b

Pretty good considering…

Overall macros were still good.  A little high in overall calories but still running a deficit.  My weight’s not really changing much and has been bouncing along the 180 lb mark during my ketosis streak.  Hopefully it’s reflecting an underlying change in body composition.  I’ll probably have to do some circumference measurements soon, though I don’t notice any real change in how my clothing fit.

I found a great blog in which the author documented 4 months of nutritional ketosis with weekly circumference measurements showing interval decreases corresponding to her weight loss indicating fantastic body recomposition.  It’s something I’ll start considering.

Today my appetite after eating lunch was suppressed so much that I essentially skipped dinner.  All I had was a cup of almond milk with some coconut oil.  I hope this continues.

My sleep was so short because we woke up early to drive up a mountain to catch the sunrise… and it was utterly worth it.

Day 42c

The sun peaking out over a sea of clouds from an altitude of 8000 feet.

Then we spent the rest of the morning surfing… which is pretty demanding.

Since my macros were good and I had a good amount of activity, my ketone guestimate for tomorrow will be a steady 1.5 mmol.

4 Responses to Day 42 – Nutritional Ketosis

  1. Mike says:

    How the heck can I get a hold of you?

    I have a few questions regarding your diet.

    The paleo seems to agree when I try it, I’d like to be more precise and learn how to do the measurement.


  2. Luigi says:

    hi, luigi here from lcf, the lcf website rules are pissing me off, so restrictive, i dont see the problem with helping people learn, anyway rant over, the website for my tests is, uk based but same must exist in the us, give you an idea what to look for,

    take care

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