Feedback from black belt Chris Torres

Chris TorresHere are some great pearls I picked up form rolling with black belt Chris Torres today in Rigan Machado’s academy.

  • I’m athletic (first time in my life I’ve ever been called this) but rely too much on my athleticism and trying to muscle my way into and out of things.
  • I have a good base
  • I’m still not using my whole body together.  It’s sometimes there but most of the time I’m not using my upper and lower body in conjunction.
  • When in turtle, get the f—- out of there right away, don’t just settle there.
  • “Walking the dog” is a good way to get out of being in turtle… just scurry the hell away on hands and knees before opponent can establish himself, and once there is enough distance turn to face him.
  • When on bottom of half guard, need to use whole body and shoulder to establish deep underhook (while protecting against cross-face) so I can escape out the side and take his back.  I can use my knee to bump his butt forward and give me more control over his hips.  The whole game of half guard bottom is to get to a point where you can control his hips.
  • The moment opponent unlocks his legs from guard, either jump back out of his legs, or put up a knee to create an obstacle blocking him from closing guard again.
  • Can’t stay in the pocket of opponent’s guard (which I tend to do)… the moment he opens his legs, move to pass with either single leg, double leg, torreando, or knee penetration… just GET OUT OF THE POCKET.
  • Need to drill more so I don’t pause in certain positions.  I should be able to know exactly what to do next instinctively (I am still a long ways off from this).

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