Day 32 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 32aWeight: 182
AM Ketones: 0.8
AM Blood Glucose: 80
Hours of Sleep: 6:39
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: None

We are currently traveling for 2 weeks, with the first couple days spent attending a professional conference.  As predicted my AM ketones suffered a drop and my weight a slight gain, after my Chinese food last night.  The weight change doesn’t bother me since I’ve converted to using a travel scale for this trip. Yes, I went out and bought a travel scale that I can bring around with me in order to continue tracking my numbers.  Now if I had really thought things through I would have done comparison measurements between the normal scale I use at home and this travel scale to evaluate for any differences.  I’ll be sure to make the comparisons once I get back home.

I spent this first day at the conference and therefore was stuck in a chair for almost 8 hours listening to lectures with minimal physical activity.  I did stand a bit in the back of the room and do some body weight squats (as inconspicuously as possible) to get the blood flowing and to help me stay awake.  As is typical for these conferences anti-ketogenic snacks  such as cookies and brownies were provided, which I successfully resisted.  We also ate out for every meal and at the restaurants we went to I did my best with what was available.   As you can see with my macros… the ratios were ok… but I did go a little overboard in terms of overall calories.  Also the numbers probably contain a large margin of error since these are estimates I obtained through various sources on the web.  Again, since I’m not cooking things myself it’s much harder to estimate the quantity and ingredients of each item.

Day 32b

Went a little overboard with my carbs AND calories.

Travel and ketosis do not mix.  Eating out makes it exponentially easier to fall off the wagon despite my best efforts (Damn you Chinese food!).  I just hope I can stay in nutritional ketosis throughout this trip.

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