Day 27 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 27aWeight: 183.2
AM Ketones: 0.5
AM Blood Glucose: 84
Hours of Sleep: 7:00
Energy Level: Fantastic!
Physical Activity: Tabata x1 of 60 lb kettlebell swings and burpees.

Finally!  Nutritional ketosis!  I was only a little bit off with my prediction last nite.  Glad to see that I was able to get back into nutritional ketosis after only a few days.  That means my cells are still adapted to metabolize ketones, they just needed to work through whatever carbs and glycogen I had left.

My workout today wasn’t too impressive.  Once I finished my first set of Tabatas, I noticed the time:  it was only 2 hours or so from when I need to go to bed… so I decided to abort the work out.  I didn’t want to get my body too revved up and then end up staying up unable to sleep!

Day 27bIt was also another good day in terms of my macro profile.  Carbs went slightly higher.  Ideally I think I’d like to bring them down to the 20-30 gm range, but again I’m ok with it because the carbs predominantly came from vegetables.  I treat myself to three 85% dark chocolate squares each night (only 3.75 gm carbs). One new thing I added to my diet today were a serving of meatballs.  The macro profile for these meat balls for 1 serving of 5 meatballs were:

Calories: 270
Fat: 20 gm
Protein: 16 gm
Carbs: 6 gm

So you can see that they’re pretty friendly in terms of nutritional ketosis.  My main concern is that they are made with bread crumbs and I’ve been trying to limit my exposure to wheat and all the toxic exposure that comes with it (gluten and gliadin and what not).

My appetite today was in good control today.  The lunch I had kept me satiated all the way until dinner.  In fact I wasn’t even hungry, but sort of forced myself to eat because I had left the food out and prepared it already!  Next time I should probably just skip it if I’m not hungry.

My ketone prediction for tomorrow will be a little generous again:  0.7 mmol!

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