Day 26 Nutritional Ketosis

Day 26aWeight: 182.8
AM Ketones: 0.4
AM Blood Glucose: 79
Hours of Sleep: 7:05
Energy Level: Fantastic!
Physical Activity: None

Looks like I was pretty spot on with my prediction for my ketone levels.  0.4 mmol is knocking on the door of nutritional ketosis.  I blame the chilli for keeping me out (it tasted pretty good though).

My fasting blood sugar is also coming down into the 70s which also makes me think that my body is primed to go back into ketosis.

Here’s a look at my macronutrient break down.  I managed to maintain a caloric deficit and had a pretty much perfect ratios.Day 26b

My carbs came primarily from vegetables and cherry tomatoes so I’m perfectly fine with that.

My appetite was pretty subdued today too compared to prior.  I added a cup of raw baby kale to my lunch today which along with a bit of increased protein helped to suppress my appetite.  The greatest hunger pangs usually occurred after eating a lunch that was predominantly fat.  Looks like I do better adding protein and roughage to the mix.  I’ll try to stick to this formula.

Also it looks like I was able to drop 1.2 lbs of water weight. Before my holiday binder, while in ketosis, my weight was in the 179-180 range, so I expect I have a few more lbs of water weight left.

Given how ideal my macronutrient break down was today my guestimate for my ketone levels tomorrow will be generous… I’ll say 0.6 mmol!  Nutritional ketosis, here we come!

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