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The Basics of Nutritional Ketosis

alphabet blocksBefore reading this, I highly recommend you check out my Biochemistry Primer which goes over a lot of important concepts that will make this easier to understand.


What is nutritional ketosis?

It is a state in which your body prefers to burn stored body fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.  The way to achieve this is to eat a diet high in fat, moderate in protein, and very low in carbohydrates.

My primary goal is to lower my body fat percentage.  After learning about nutritional ketosis, and seeing how effectively it worked for others, I wanted to see if I could benefit from it as well.… Read More

Day 51 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 51Weight: 178.2
AM Ketones: 0.6
AM Blood Glucose: 86
Hours of Sleep: 6:59
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: Light jogging x 20 min
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 25 days

I guess my BJJ yesterday and good eating didn’t raise my ketones as much as I expected.  I’m still wondering if the lack of sleep these past couple days along with the increased personal stress is screwing me up.

I’m going to consciously try to really limit my protein now as well to around 80-100 grams now to see if this is the reason I’m not seeing the high ketone levels that others are.… Read More

Biochemistry Primer

freeimage-4575727When I tried to explain nutritional ketosis to my family recently I was met with a lot of blank and confused looks.  I incorrectly assumed that my family knew as much as I did regarding regarding nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology and forgot that no one else in my family has a science background (I have a degree in physiology and work in healthcare).

To understand how nutritional ketosis works you have to understand a little bit of biochemistry.  So I wanted to type up something that my family and anyone else who doesn’t have a science background can refer to.… Read More

My New Biochemistry Primer

Please check out my new Biochemistry Primer!

*UPDATE* – Link changed.… Read More

High Guard Sequence Continued to Omo Plata

Dave BoehmeIn class with Dave today we continued the lesson on the high guard sequence we’ve been working on.  We reviewed how to establish the triangle.

Triangles have always been hard for me to apply because I have short stubby legs, and for some reason my calf is always against he back of my opponents leg and feels like its getting crushed, no matter how deep I have the lock in or what angle my body is.  I’m starting to conclude that my body is just not made for triangles.… Read More

Day 50 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 50a

Weight: 179
AM Ketones: 0.5
AM Blood Glucose: 85
Hours of Sleep: 5:38
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: BJJ
Nutritional Ketosis Streak: 24 days

Still barely hanging in there.  I’m scared to imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t do a little bit of exercise last nite… I definitely would have fell out of ketosis!

My sleep hasn’t been very good these past two nights because of some personal stuff going on.  I wonder if the stress I’m under coupled with the lack of sleep caused a spike in my cortisol (a stress hormone).… Read More

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