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Day 16 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 16Weight: 180.6
AM Ketones: 0.6
PM Ketones: 0.7
AM Blood Glucose: 79
PM Blood Glucose: 87
Hours of Sleep: 6:01
Energy Level: Good
Physical Activity: None

Was pretty meticulous about logging my diet today to make sure I didn’t go overboard with the calories.  All in all, I’d have to say it was as ideal of a diet is possible.

Total Calories: 1962
% From Fat: 77%
% From Protein: 20%
% From Carbs: 7%

I’ll be curious to see if this affects my ketones tomorrow morning.… Read More

BJJ Open Mat

This past Saturday, the first thing I did after waking up was go to a BJJ open mat, always a good way to start the day.  Had some good rolls with a black belt, purple belt, and 4 stripe blue belt.  I felt like I started moving better and was able to put up a reasonable fight before ultimately getting tapped out.

Also I didn’t get caught in any triangles so that was another positive since that is one of the things I’m trying to be more cognizant of as I train.  Need to kick the annoying habit of leaving one arm in and one arm out as I’m passing the guard, setting me up for a triangle.… Read More

Day 15 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 15Weight: 180.6
AM Ketones: 0.5
PM Ketones: 1.2
AM Blood Glucose: 80
PM Blood Glucose: 81
Hours of Sleep: 6:43
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: 60 lb kettle bell swings x 200, pushups x 100, jump rope

Glad to see that I’m barely in the range for nutritional ketosis!  Today I wandered into the low carb friends forums and wrote a post asking people there what they thought of my results so far and if they had any ideas as to why my weight loss has seemed to stall and why I’m so inconsistent in staying in nutritional ketosis

They had some great ideas, the most valuable being: keeping better track of my intake… in terms of calories and macronutrient composition.… Read More

Day 14 – Nutritional Ketosis

Day 14Weight: 180.6
AM Ketones: 0.4
PM Ketones: 0.4
AM Blood Glucose: 85
PM Blood Glucose: 84
Hours of Sleep: 7:10
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: None

Ack!  Again I somehow popped out of my desired range of 0.5 – 3.0 mmol ketones to maintain nutritional ketosis.

When I saw the AM level of 0.4 and how different it was compared to last nights 1.8 I wanted to figure out what the cause of this variation is.  While my initial intention wasn’t to track my diet very thoroughly (I never liked counting calories or calculating exact amounts of macronutrients), I think I’ll probably need to start keeping a food log.… Read More

Day 13 – Nutritional Ketosis

Weight: 181.6
AM Ketones: 1.1
PM Ketones: 1.8
AM Blood Glucose: 81
PM Blood Glucose: 81
Hours of Sleep: 6:45
Energy Level: Excellent
Physical Activity: Tabata Intervals x 3.  First two sets alternating between 60 lb kettlebell swings and burpees.  The last set alternating between body weight squats, bent over rows, and kettlebell swings.

Even though I didn’t get the full 7-8 hours of sleep today I felt fantastic!  Something about sleeping in your own bed just makes everything better.  My weight is still in the normal range.… Read More

Day 12 – Nutritional Ketosis

AM Ketones: 0.2
PM Ketones: 0.2
AM Blood Glucose: 83
PM Blood Glucose: 89
Hours of Sleep: 5:51
Energy Level: Poor
Physical Activity: None


Finally — home, sweet home. The main activity of the day was walking throughout various airports trying to get home.  So good to finally be in my own bed after another bad night of sleep.

It’s pretty hard to get any working out done on these travel days when most of the time is spent buckled into the airplane, or waiting to be boarded.… Read More

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