Day 11 – Nutritional Ketosis

Weight: 179
AM Ketones: 0.8
PM Ketones: 0.2
AM Blood Glucose: 80
PM Blood Glucose: 91
Hours of Sleep: 6:23
Energy Level: Poor
Physical Activity: BJJ

Overall pretty bad day.  The 6:23 hours of sleep I got was completely disrupted and I woke up feeling like I only had 4 or 5 hours.  I’m pretty sure this doesn’t so much have as much to do with my diet as it does my new sleeping environment over here on the west coast.

Started the day with BJJ… and ended it at a holiday party where things were eaten that probably weren’t the best for this diet.  A friend of ours started a new catering/baking company, so in order to support her we bought one of her cakes to bring to this holiday party.  The cake was pretty much irresistible.  She made Christmas tree shaped cake pots that decorated the top of the cake, (it was a 2 layer cake), and the sides were decorated with little gingerbread men.

Before coming to this party, I suspected that I would be tempted to stray in to the land of carbs, so I tried some damage control, having a cup of my ketogenic “fat hot chocolate” and a plate of kale sauteed in bacon fat.  This actually had me pretty full by the time I got to the party, but once all the holiday food I broke down.. a little.

I had 1 or 2 bites of each dish, carbs and all, a glass of wine, and half a slice of cake.  Overall things could’ve been much worse, and this was pretty tame compared to my standard cheat days following Tim Ferriss’ Slow Carb Diet, but alas, this was enough to push me out of ketosis as seen with the evening measurement of 0.2.

I’m curious to see what my ketone level will be tomorrow morning to see if today’s measurement reflects a temporary bump out of ketosis and I’ll be ketotic again in the morning, like we saw on Day 6, or if it is more lasting.

Whether or not, I’m happy with my pre-dinner-damage-control measures as I’m sure if I went to the party starving I would’ve completely gone nuts and gorged myself to the point of near-vomiting as I’ve done so often in the past!

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