Day 3 – Nutritional Ketosis

Weight: 178.6
AM Ketones: 0.6
PM Ketones: 1.6
AM Blood Glucose:
PM Blood Glucose:
Hours of Sleep: 7.5
Energy Level: Excellent!
Physical Activity: 3 sets of Tabata intervals alternating between some combination of 60 lb kettle bell swings, burpees, bent over rows, and pushups.  Total workout time 12 minutes.


Good to see my PM ketones higher.  Potential differences today are that my workout was in the evening.  The typical time I work out is in the mornings (after my first measurements), and despite the fact that exercise has the potential to raise blood ketones 0.25 – 0.5, that would still put me above a level of 1.

I’m curious to know how long the effect of exercise lasts, but I imagine it would depend on the quantity and quality of the work out.  This would be an interesting idea to test out eventually…. following a similar protocol as the Pepsimax guy.

I read on some forums that sucralose (Splenda), a sweetener used in the low carb protein shakes I get form Costco, can have an effect on your ketone levels.  I wouldn’t be surprised given the findings in the Pepsimax experiment.

Even if these artificial sweeteners keep your sugars stable, if they have any effect on your insulin level, then you can kiss your ketones goodbye!

So I decreased the amount that I use in my fat-drink (grass fed butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, and unsweetened cocoa powder) today.  The sucralose from the protein shake (I only use a quarter of a cup) gives it just the right amount of sweetness… but if it is the culprit that lowered my ketones, I won’t hesitate to kick it to the curb.

Also it’s good to see that my weight is down.  I know the change is well within normal fluctuations, but a part of me is excited because I haven’t weighed this much since senior year of high-school (when I was doing cross country and track regularly)!  I can definitely say that I’m stronger than I was back then too, so that means I’m pretty much in the best shape of my life!

I know that the scale doesn’t tell the entire story, but it’s still a good guideline to refer to, especially since it’s trending down.  I’ve also been doing some body circumference measurements weekly, so I’ll start logging those here too.

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