Day 1 – Nutritional Ketosis

Weight: 180
AM Ketones: 2.2
PM Ketones: 1.6
AM Blood Glucose:
PM Blood Glucose:
Hours of Sleep: 7 hrs
Energy Level: Excellent!
Physical Activity: BJJ


I’m glad to see that I’m still in the nutritional ketotic range.

I must really starting to benefit from the effects of being ketoadapted.  Before going to BJJ this morning I only had 1/3 a cup of protein shake.  The workout was pretty vigorous and had me breathing hard at multiple points.

Normally when this happens, I get a headache 2 hours post work out and feel completely drained.  I attributed this to being hypoglycemic, so in order to counteract this I would try to have a reasonable pre work out meal, just enough to stave off hypoglycemia, but not too much that it would give me cramps and slow my work out down.

Today, despite not having much of a pre workout meal I felt excellent throughout the entire day.  No crash.  No exhaustion.  No typical need for an afternoon nap.

I have another BJJ session tomorrow so I will try it without any pre-workout shake.

Here goes nothing.

Another interesting observation is that my morning ketones are higher than my evening ketones.  According to what I’ve read, the morning ketones should be the lowest.

We’ll see if this continues.

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